Prepare and Repair: Prep your Dock for Peak Hurricane Season

Peak hurricane season is here and your dock may be at risk. While hurricane season begins in may or June depending on your location, it can last through October, peaking in August and September. The National Weather Service notes these months “along the Gulf Coast and East Coast are a time of volatile weather as warm ocean water fuels storms, some just bringing rain and some growing into fierce tropical storms and hurricanes.”

Some of the most devastating hurricanes strike after the summer months. 2017’s Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the two costliest Caribbean hurricanes of  all time, both hit land in September.

Wooden home foundation pilings rotted after Hurricane Ike

Home foundation on the beach after Hurricane Ike in 2008.

Peak hurricane season falls “between August and October, on both coasts,” explains Live Science.

New Englanders are not exempt. “With hurricane season in Massachusetts starting on June 1 and peaking in August and September, the time to prepare is the beginning of spring and throughout the summer, especially if a storm is approaching,” urges the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management. “Any named storm in the Bahamas has the potential to hit New England.” So whether you’re located in New England or top hurricane states Florida, Texas or Louisiana, how can mitigate potential damage by preparing in advance?

Preemptively check for damage

The strong winds and rough waters of severe weather can be enough to damage an old or run-down dock, potentially harming adjacent property, possessions and people. Experts recommend having “your dock and pilings inspected by a professional to make sure they are in good condition and will not break apart and damage your boat, house, or surrounding structures.”

Marine contractors will check for visible cracking in concrete pilings and rot or splitting in wooden pilings. They will also look to see if all decking materials are intact and secured.

Repair or rebuild using storm-resistant technology

Have storms already revealed weakness within your dock or pilings? Damage form lesser storms will be exacerbated in a full-blown hurricane, where 74-mph winds can rip docks from the water and snap wooden pilings. Pearson Pilings president Mark Pearson recommends using the following to strengthen your dock and prevent future damage:

Prepare for peak hurricane season. Contact Pearson Pilings now to learn how to build a dock that will weather the storm!

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