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Sixty years ago Pearson fiberglass technology changed the marine industry. Fiberglass became the preferred manufacturing material for lightweight watercraft. Today the same kind of change is taking place in the world of piers and docks. Waterfront homeowners are discovering the incredible advantages of having a new dock or pier built or replacing an existing one using Pearson fiberglass composite pilings.

Why use composite pilings for your dock or pier?

Compared to traditional pilings made of concrete, wood or steel, new dock or pier built with Pearson Composite Pilings is stronger and lasts longer, saving you and your family money for generations. 

The superior strength of Pearson Composite Pilings will often allow using fewer pilings than if wood pilings are used. Not only will there will be less impact to the environment, but also in certain instances construction costs can be saved. Our pilings are also inert and contain no harmful chemicals that can leach into the water, making them an environmentally friendly building material.

Long-term investment

Because our dock or pier pilings will not rot, rust or develop splinters, they will look as good years from now as they did when they were first installed. Their unique properties also make them resist damage from severe storm surges and freezing ice conditions. If you value your waterfront property, you’ll want to invest in the very best pilings for your new dock and pier.

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