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Contractors, structural engineers and architects are choosing Pearson Fiberglass Composite Pilings to sustain their waterfront construction. To last against the elements, your projects deserve the right materials for the job.

Time tested, lab tested

Pearson Pilings outlast wood, steel or concrete without rot, rust or disintegration. Designed to last for generations, our fiberglass composite pilings have undergone extensive, independent testing. They are standing the test of time in projects from docks and fendering to home foundations and piers.

Designed and manufactured in New England, whatever the weather Pearson Pilings persist. Their flexibility allows them to dissipate significant wave action, while their uniform shape reduces the chance of uplift due to ice.

Rebuilding after storm damage? Pearson Pilings works with many of the DOTs along the East Coast.

Partner with Pearson

We want to lighten your load. Lighter than wood, steel or concrete, Pearson Pilings are often easier to work with, transport and install, and they can be easily cut, drilled and fastened.

Our composite experts partner with contractors, architects and engineers to educate on the characteristics, capabilities and techniques unique to our unique material. From design to installation we consult and guide every step of the way.

See us in action:

Lynchburg Ferry Landing, Lynchburg, TX

Home foundation pilings being driven in Falmouth, MA

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