Pearson Values

Built by a family that has been helping New Englanders weather storms since the mid century, Pearson Pilings backs their products with their warranty and their word.

Technology, Integrity, Family

Sixty years ago Pearson fiberglass technology revolutionized the marine industry, becoming the preferred material for strong, lightweight, seaworthy vessels. Today the same kind of change is taking place in the world of piers and docks.

Meanwhile, the values of hands-on management, transparency and integrity have also remained in place at Pearson for the last sixty years. “We treat everyone with respect,” asserts Mark Pearson, president of Pearson Pilings. “And we stand by our product.”

Hands-on Management

They stood behind their product.

—Roger Berube, homeowner and Pearson Pilings customer, owner of family business, Somerset Creamery

Integrity in action

All of Pearson’s products come with a comprehensive warranty that protects the customer for a  decade-worth of wear and tear. But beyond that written document, Pearson Pilings backs all of its work with something even stronger  Mark Pearson’s word.

When homeowner Roger Berube ran into an issue with one of the pilings due to installation, owner, “Mark called me back and handled it himself,” replacing the piling at no cost and “in a timely manner,” even though Pearson wasn’t at fault. “Mark is a commendable guy,” continues Berube. “I like how he handles business, focusing on family, and service. I felt like I’ve known him for years even the first time I met him.”

Partnering for success

By collaborating with engineers, contractors and homeowners, Pearson is helping to further the education, research and innovation necessary to build stronger, safer, longer lasting marine development. Committed to transparency, Pearson releases their engineering specs and installation guidelines to ensure every piling is effectively utilized and properly installed.

With a product lasting generations Pearson partners with their customers for the long term. According to Berube, everyone at Pearson shares the same passion for their product. “They care. That’s the difference.”

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