Cost Effectiveness

Pearson’s strong, lightweight, cost-effective pilings add value to your waterfront property or project by eliminating maintenance and repair costs and reducing contractors’ handling efforts and installation time.

Stronger, more durable, longer-lasting

With our cost-effective pilings you only pay once for structures that will last generations. Other comparably priced materials such as treated wood, concrete or steel may offer some cost advantage upfront, but within decades the overall cost of your project will have doubled or tripled due to replacement and repair of disintegrated pilings!

Cut maintenance costs

While other materials such as concrete or wood pilings can demand regular upkeep, Pearson’s cost-effective pilings require little maintenance due to ordinary weather or use. Unless exposed to excessive wear due to rubbing, chafing or the high impact of boats, dock hardware, hoops, etc, there will be no structural damage to the piling even if the PPT exterior layer is destroyed.

Invest once, enjoy for a lifetime

Stronger means fewer: When compared based only on upfront cost-per-piling, Pearson fiberglass composite pilings are more expensive than some alternatives and less expensive than others. But the strength and flexibility of  Pearson’s cost-effective pilings allow engineers to use fewer pilings to bear the same load than they could with other materials. The exclusive Pearson monoplile design uses less material than traditional two-pile piers and  requires half the penetrations. Fewer pilings lowers the overall project costs.

Longer lasting, lighter to install: Since Pearson cost-effective pilings last for generations and require limited maintenance, under normal wear they won’t need to be replaced in 15 years, 20 years, 30 years or even longer. If using Pearson fiberglass composite pilings to replace old, deteriorated wooden pilings, Pearson pilings can often be driven over the existing ones, saving demolition and removal costs. Lightweight and easier to handle, Pearson cost-effective pilings reduce contractors’ handling and installation. In the long run, Pearson composite fiberglass pilings provide a more economical solution and a better investment than using wood, steel or concrete.

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