Affected by severe weather and hurricane damage? We can help.

Follow these storm-resistant building techniques to restore your dock or pier.

Waterfronts ravaged by storms show how different structures can either survive or succumb to the same onslaught of wind and water. Docks and piers resistant to hurricane-force winds, storm surges and torrential rain share common features:

1. Flow-through Decking

Decking material allowing water to flow through reduces the risk of uplift and allows 40-60% of light to transmit, reducing environmental impact.

Dock Building Techniques — Flow-through Decking

flow-through decking

2. All Composite Materials

A dock or pier constructed completely of composite materials will hold up longer than one of mixed building materials. Composites will hold but the wood can break.

Dock made with composite pilings

3. Fiberglass Composite Pilings

Stronger and more flexible than concrete, wood or steel, fiberglass composite pilings from Pearson Pilings, when properly engineered, will bend and absorb the load and will never rot, rust or crumble.

Buliding a dock to prevent hurricane damage


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