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Mark Pearson President

Entrepreneur and community leader Mark Pearson has spent decades bringing fiberglass technology into the marketplace. As the current president and owner of Pearson Pilings, he has guided the company to a position of leadership in providing composite pilings for the marine construction, residential and commercial building industries.

He honed his expertise in human resources, production and management serving as president and other executive management positions within composite manufacturing family businesses including Tillotson Pearson, Pearson Composites and SwimEx, Inc.

Through his involvement with local organizations such as St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Church, where he has served as deacon, president and vice president; and East Bay Chamber of Commerce, Touisset Point Community Club, Greater Fall River Development Corporation and the East Bay YMCA, Mark shares his infectious integrity, faith and commitment.

His work to further education in the community includes partnerships with the Paul Cuffee Charter School, Darlington Early Learning Center, Sailing Institute and mentoring for the entrepreneurial group EforAll and has helped to foster a new generation of leaders.

As president of Pearson Pilings, a role he has held since 2005, Mark honors his community, collaborates with his family and serves his customer.  An avid golfer, Mark resides in Warren, RI with his wife, Tracy. They have three children, Kelly, Hannah and Nicholas.

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