Eco-System Wave Attenuator System

Topic: News Posted on: September 1st, 2015

Yellow River, FL

Eco-System Wave Attenuator System

Shorelines are constantly being washed away

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Eroding shorelines can now be prevented by installing an Eco-System Wave Attenuator System developed by Reefmaker utilizing Pearson Pilings. This complex design destroys the waves’ energy while allowing water to flow freely through the units. Pearson Pilings keeps the attenuator in place.  By slowing down the waves’ speed the result is clear, no shoreline erosion.  The wave attenuator is also a huge benefit to the marine life as they can be used for colonizing Oysters, fish habitats, and marine organisms.

“By investing in Reefmaker’s wave attenuator system provides a long-term solution to eroding shorelines, while contributing to promote an Eco-friendly environment for marine life” said Mark Pearson, President and owner of Pearson Pilings.

This wave attenuator design is drawing interest from architects, engineers, local community leaders, and homeowners as they face the challenge of eroding shorelines.

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