Meteorologist Features Pearson Fiberglass Pilings Storm-Protection Technology

Topic: News Posted on: June 27th, 2018

Boston-based ABC affiliate WCVB featured Pearson Pilings fiberglass pilings and their ability to protect against flooding and storm damage in a segment celebrating local businesses that make a difference.

Pearson fiberglass pilings featured on local news

Local news features Pearson Pilings

New England meteorologist Mike Wankum is no stranger to storms and the damage they can inflict on waterfront homes. While researching solutions he discovered Somerset, MA-based fiberglass pilings innovator Pearson Pilings and interviewed owner Mark Person to learn more about the composite technology behind the pilings that outlast wood, steel and concrete.

Opening with dramatic footage of the damage from a March Nor’easter, Wankum stands between two homes on stilt foundations, noticing that while “wood can rot and concrete can crumble,” fiberglass offers a “new alternative.”

Noting that Pearson Pilings offer are “environmentally friendly” and last longer than wood concrete or steel, Pearson guides Wankum through the production process, from glass thread to layers of fabric to the super-strong cylinders that can hold up a house. Check out the video to see the process behind Pearson’s Pilings.

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