San Jacinto River Bridge Fendering System Houston, TX

The state of Texas approved a new state-of-the-art fendering system that replaced an existing structure at the intersection of Interstate 10 and the San Jacinto River in Houston, Texas. Supported by Pearson Pilings, this state-of-the-art structure replaced a steel and timber system that was plagued with age and deterioration.

When TXDOT made the initial contact they were considering a number of competing designs and products, but after months of evaluating other options, engineers specified Pearson Pilings. Final plans were approved in May 2008, and after securing the necessary permits construction started in December 2009 and completed in April 2010.

TX DOT Fendering with fiberglass pilings data-title=

Initially designed by TXDOT Highway and Bridge Group with the collaboration of Pearson Pilings engineers, several challenges had to be addressed. Pilings were spliced vertically to meet the needs of the embedment requirements and severe restrictions from the fixed highway bridge height. Namely, pilings needed to be 70′ long with only 18′ of working headroom. The solution was simple. Because of Pearson’s unique splicing methods, three spliced sections were driven to achieve what the spec called for.

All states with a need for fendering systems can adapt what was created in Houston. Although there are alternative products, few are as versatile to work with as Pearson Pilings.

Houston, TX composite pilings data-title=

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