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Belaire Construction is a homebuilder and developer with a 50-year history of serving the Gulf Coast from Vermillion Bay, Louisiana to Corpus Christ, Texas and beyond. Specializing in custom homes and piling work, its residential and commercial experience includes working on projects for FEMA, the Federal Government, the Federal Wildlife Service, the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs as well as individual homeowners.

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Its system of building elevated foundations featuring Pearson Composite Pilings has been extremely popular following the catastrophic storm activity along the U.S. Gulf Coast during the past several years.


Each project begins with setting a lower foundation utilizing Pearson piles, rebar, wire mesh, a smooth grade and concrete donuts poured in place around each piling. An elevated concrete slab is then poured into prefabricated forms. These super-strong, “light decks” benefit from the use of foam, rebar and wire mesh. The system saves time, strengthens the structure and reduces construction cost. Belaire Construction has also determined that utilizing Pearson Pilings is more economical than using wood piles.

We’re growing even in this challenging economy thanks in part to Pearson Pilings. These pilings are at least twice the strength of wood pilings, and they allow us to run the plumbing and electrical inside the piling. The electrical and plumbing conduit is also concealed in the elevated slab. This creates a much cleaner installation. Because of [Pearson Pilings'] strength, we can use 60% less pilings than wood ones. When you do the math you’ll see why we recommend Pearson Pilings. I don’t push anything I don’t believe in.
—James Waddill, Belaire Construction Representative

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